Cloud is King! So many businesses want the flexibility of remote working but need to ensure they remain compliant and secure. Our engineers are experts in cloud technologies, and we understand it’s not a one size fits all.

So many IT companies offer an array of services such as communications, connectivity, print… The list goes on, but they don’t always offer the array of solutions from different vendors.

By working closely with our customers and understanding the business requirements we recommend the best solution for them, sometimes that may be Microsoft 365, sometimes Google Workspace, sometimes on-premise is still the way. It’s about getting the right solution and making it work for your business.

Microsoft 365 >

Colva tech are a CSP partner, this means you can purchase your Microsoft licenses through us without the annual commitment, giving you the flexibility to scale in a way that suits your business needs. With so many license variations available we look at the options to best fit your business needs, weather that be collaboration and device management for frontline workers, back-office staff or people in remote locations, we understand business and ensure our customers don’t spend more than they need to.

Microsoft 365 is so much more than an email and office solution. With add-ons being purchased, slotted in, and developed constantly. We look at your business processes, work with you to understand your business and help you to utilise these tools better to leverage more from your investment.

Between the engineers at Colva tech we have successfully performed many Microsoft 365 migrations from other cloud vendors and on-premises services. When we perform SharePoint migrations, we work closely with key personnel in your business to ensure it is designed and structured in a way that works for you and your staff. SharePoint is so much more than file storage so we work closely to help you understand how you can leverage the benefits by designing the structure from the beginning.

Google Workspace >

Google’s answer to Microsoft 365. Google Workspace is a fantastic alternative to Microsoft 365 and offers some great tools for business. Again, as with our CSP partnership you can purchase your Google Workspace licenses directly through us, simplifying billing and management.

We assess your business requirements and ensure we assign the right licenses to the right users to ensure you don’t pay for something you simply don’t need. Google, like Microsoft, are developing their solutions all the time, adding more services to their platform. We stay on top of those advancements and look to leverage the right solutions within your business.

Domain and Website Hosting >

Colva tech offer both domain and website hosting services to simplify management and keep your bills under control. We can do one or the other or both depending on your requirements. We also partner with web site developers to ensure we concentrate on what we are good at but making sure you get the best service from all sides.

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